Perched high above the city as the night sky gave way to spectacular views, was the beginning of an experience that had my head in the clouds and my feet off the ground. This feeling wouldn’t end as the next several hours surpassed all expectations. I didn’t want this SAGA to end.

The first inclination of just how rare and amazing this dining experience was to be, is snagging a reservation only a few days in advance as this young phenom is all the rave and has the passion and experience to deliver on it as I discovered after experiencing one of the most spectacular meals this side of the Atlantic and having a incredible conversation with Chef Kent.

Being the star gazer that I am, and SAGA having received two, this was definitely a match made in heaven. From the specialty welcome cocktail to every flawless course, the element of surprise and constant palate stimulation was welcomed and sincerely appreciated.

Executive Chef, James Kent has created a magical space where not only an appreciation for the gift of exceptional cuisine is conceptualized, flawlessly executed with tantalizing and delicious taste, but his love and appreciation of authenticity remains ever present.  I say this from firsthand experience as my encounter with Chef Kent left me in awe and forever grateful to have experienced his generosity and passion – – this set the stage for the entire team and their commitment was ever present.  His culinary genius garnered two stars from Michelin, immediately upon opening, which made this reservation even more special. 

I hope the following visuals inspire your personal experience at SAGA – – my desire to become one with this incredible experience meant the sacrifice of note taking for descriptors, for that, you’ll need a reservation!!!!

Ahhhhhh….the last to leave as we’ve managed to savor for hours, flavors that seem to appear out of some mystical place, leaving you satisfied, yet wanting more. For me, this is the ultimate experience to be repeated. Having my palate stimulated by unexpected combinations of flavors and textures is the highlight of life changing dining endeavors and SAGA did not disappoint.  In addition to a masterful execution of these combinations, especially with cuisine of this caliber, the genuine and authentic human touch shared by the entire house, created a memorable and much desired atmosphere from beginning to end.  Chef Kent, what an amazing experience. Thank you for making time to converse and for being so incredibly personable. Your heart, generosity and passion are those special ingredients that makes each of your dishes memorable. I await the return and more time conversing with you. CONGRATULATIONS!!!



70 Pine Street

63rd Floor

New York, NY 10005

1(212) 257-8542