Le Coucou

Back to my normal as I settled into this cozy elegant and very relaxed dining experience at Le Coucou. I’d being trying for several years to sync my travels to New York with a reservation, but the timing would never work. However, as the saying goes – – good things come to those who wait and I waited, as this wait was well worth it.

As I sat taking in the amazing ambience, the well-behaved guests and a staff whose appearing and disappearing acts were to be applauded, I noticed an familiar face and energy that solidified the Ahhhhhh moment I was experiencing – – Mr. Daniel Dirth.

I’d known Daniel from another French dining spot in New York and knew we’d be in the best of hands as I’d always valued his professionalism and generosity. The surprise of being greeted by Daniel was the perfect start to a spectacular dining experience that started to unfold with a memorable and delicious glass of 1er Cru Vilmart & Cie Cuvee Rubis Brut Rose. I must confess, as I recall the evening, I decided not to make notes of the dishes, but to enjoy every amazing bite. I invite you to show up and experience Le Coucou and create your on unforgettable evening.

Tartare de boeuf with Kristal caviar

Ris de veau

It was such an amazing experience dining at Le Coucou, so much so while caught up in a whirlwind of unbelievable service and cuisine, I failed to get the sommelier’s and team members’ name, but a picture is worth a thousand words and I’m committed to getting those names next visit before the feast begins.

Chef Daniel Rose, thank you for what can only be described as absolutely AMAZING and a must repeat. Hope to see you in February to do it all over again.

This meal was absolutely sublime. I highly recommend a reservation and securing your return before you leave.

138 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013

(212) 271-4252