Chef Fabio Ciervo — Rome, Italy
Chef Fabio Ciervo of La Terrazza – © Dorchester Collection, Hotel Eden – – Courtesy of Hotel Eden


Fabio Ciervo, the Michelin-starred chef whose philosophy and physical dedication to perfection altered my approach to food.
There is nothing more exciting and rewarding than encountering curiosity that inspires, challenges and changes you. The pleasure of sitting down with Chef Fabio opened a door I’m extremely grateful for, as he shared his personal journey of meticulously connecting family and food, as well as his amazing synergy of athleticism and food.  From fond memories of growing up in the kitchen with his mother, to the foiled wrapped special apples cooked in the fireplace by his grandfather, Chef’s intriguing and delightful passion for food was born out of a passion that can best be communicated in his own words, “You have to feel something.  I’m a chef because I love what I do. I’m having fun and I enjoy what I do.  You have to give emotionally. I want my guests to feel the difference from a normal dish you make at home verses what I prepare.”
I was extremely lucky and appreciative that chef communicated the driving force which allows for what I can best describe as an emotional embodiment of “Sprezzatura.” This approach and dedication comes from someone who maintains an informed diet and constantly monitors the food he consumes.   Since the age of fourteen, he’s had to be aware of the impact and role food plays in nourishing and maintaining a healthy and fit body.  The gymnast within still has him in the gym two hours before he’s in the kitchen – – “Gym before Kitchen” this is dedication and a mantra for all!!!! As we finished our conversation, Chef shared five important aspects of his cooking that are a must and has to be a part of his process.  They all play key roles in creating balance and pleasure.
  1. Innovation
  2. Well Being
  3. Flavors
  4. Ingredients
  5. Art

Without these key factors there is no balance and pleasure, no passion and no “Sprezzatura.”

And then the awaited dinner and a few moments in the kitchen.  This time I decided to enjoy the meal with as little distraction as possible – – so no notes only pics.  Chef, this was absolutely amazing.  I look forward to seeing you late September.  Hmmmm, maybe I’ll join you in the gym this time.




















Chef Fabio Ciervo of La Terrazza – © Dorchester Collection, Hotel Eden – – Courtesy of Hotel Eden







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