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I’ve been flying to San Francisco and making the drive to Big Sur since ’93, but this time the treat started about two hours north of my regular trek to Big Sur – – The Ritz at Half Moon Bay.  Synonymous with luxury, elegance and world-class hospitality, my expectations were overwhelming met and surpassed during my first visit.  I’ve always enjoyed my experiences with the Ritz Carlton brand and was delighted to finally experience the tranquility and hospitality of Half Moon Bay.

What amazed me most while relaxing and unwinding at this gorgeous property is the flawlessness and uncompromising level of hospitality. One can never overdue hospitality as this for me is the standard-bearer of luxury. Creating a welcoming and peaceful environment is key to enjoying the well-appointed relishes.  What better way to indulge, as the entire staff made sure wanting was never part of the experience.  This solidified the return, and yes plans are being made.

Do not sleep on this one!!! If you love luxury, revere refinement and require that standard-bearer of uncompromising hospitality this is a must. This visit of  many to come, was everything I’ve come to revere with regards to high-end accommodations.



The Ritz Carlton - Half Moon Bay
The Ritz Carlton



















The Clubhouse:










Executive Chef Jakob Esko
Executive Chef Jakob Esko






We decided to take full advantage of the Clubhouse, breakfast, lunch and dinner as it was extremely quiet with less traffic.  Our small dinner was a surprise by Chef Esko who decided to treat us by preparing dinner to be served in the clubhouse – – saying no was not an option as the center of my universe is haute cuisine.  So the simple request of steak and salmon turned into a delicious dish only Chef could create, execute and serve.



Chef serving up an amazing piece of steak


Chef’s spectacular sun-dried tomato crusted salmon


Macaroon and Chocolate


Pumpkin Delight, it’s the season




This was truly an outstanding time filled with all the necessary elements of what one hopes to experience on that life-long search of wellness, peace of mind, happiness and yes, the relishes of luxury.  Go ahead and allow yourself this experience.  I did and I’m certainly looking forward the return.

And by the way……Executive Chef Jakob Esko’s cuisine, should not be missed. Stay tuned!!!!!!


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The Ritz Carlton – Half Moon Bay California

1 Miramontes Point Rd,

Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

(650) 712-7000

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