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Le Jules Verne – Day 6

Day 6 – Thursday, 2nd of June Lunch: Le Jules Verne Being a major fan of Alain Ducasse, I had to delight in the beauty of Le Jules Verne nestled in the infamous Eiffel Tower. With chef Pascal Féraud delighting your palate with the most inviting and creative approach to contemporary cuisine at this height,

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Pierre Gagnaire – Day 5

Day 5 – Wednesday 1st of June Back in Paris and back to a little more opulence.  Reflecting on the 4 hour dinner at Pierre Gagnaire it was extremely wise to return to Hotel Balzac as they are connected and made for an easy retreat once the affair ended.  But “WOW” what an experience. This

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L’Assiette Champenoise – Champagne, Day 3 (2nd Post)

“Refined luxury and gourmet indulgence” – – An evening to be repeated over and over again.   May this be one of my eternal recurrences. Dinner: L’Assiette Champenoise                                         Return to: “Current Posting”

La Tour D’Argent – Day 1

Here’s day 1 of my sublime gastronomic week starting with a reservation at La Tour D’Argent. Arriving at La Tour D’Argent was as magical as the evening I was hoping to experience.  As we entered the well appointed waiting area one could not resist the need to request a slight pinch to make sure it

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