By Land, If Not By Sea……

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Last week would have been the week of my Wine and Waves Getaway unfortunately, a change in plans occurred after schedules and timing didn’t align to facilitate enough connoisseurs for the group tour, but not to worry, I turned to “The City of Lights” and its amazing cuisine for what I shall call my second “Michelin Madness” getaway (Michelin Madness #1.)  It’s the end of April and YES, as cliché as it sounds, it was “April in Paris,” well at least the last three days and a few in May. The moment plans were made for Pairs I reached out to several of my favorite dining destinations to secure reservations, as Paris is one of my gastronomic playgrounds and having friends in “High Places” helped to make this second feast another “Sagacious Palate” experience.  My last gastronomic adventure in Paris placed me at some of the most coveted tables – – and once again my experience left me seeing stars, “Michelin” that is.

So, sit back and enjoy the next postings for what turned out to be one the most relaxing and fun-filled times in Paris.  Great wine, food and friends were at the center of this return and I must say – – It was fantastic!!!!


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