Bonne Année – Paris 2020, L’OISEAU BLANC

My tradition that has always set the tone for the New Year has and continues to be, “whatever one does on the first day of the year, is what one will do the entire year.” This year, it would be Paris and it would be from one of my treasured homes away from home – – The Peninsula.

I’ve never been fond of visiting Paris in winter.  I feared not being able to walk the streets or enjoy the glorious outdoor cafés without having to layer up.  But that all changed this January (birthday celebration) as I decided the best remedy was an overcoat and proper reservations – – Michelin of course.  With reservations made and my friends saving my special table at my usual spots, the winter arrival in Paris was set and the much anticipated menú degustación from each destination spot awaited me.

First up, my lovely rooftop restaurant at The Peninsula (My Peninsula), L’Oiseau Blanc.  The timing could not be more appropriate as L’Oiseau Blanc just received its first Michelin Star.  I’ve been a fan of L’Oiseau Blanc, (my previous visits) for quite some time and am glad to share in the celebration of this coveted award.  For those of you who have yet to dine here, perhaps the following visual, which runs the spectrum of an Organic egg, Mediterranean red mullet and Salers Beef to Scallops from Port-en-Bessin, Duck “pâté en croûte” and a few sweets, will inspire you to make the necessary reservation as this is not to be missed and I’m more than certain you will not be disappointed.

Chef Leo Besnard – – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

And then there was Lunch, Dinner and Lunch again……..




















Rodolphe and Quentin






















Rodolphe Protat-Koffler, Assistant Manager, L’Oiseau Blanc Restaurant


Nicolas Charrière, Chef Sommelier














Joe & Tony


Chef Leo Besnard


I’d like to wish the entire Team at the Peninsula and L’Oiseau Blanc for another amazing visit.  Your ability to always deliver exceptional service in an effortless and gracious manner is always a pleasant treat and one I’ve come to admire and cherish.  Congratulations again on your first Michelin Starr, one of many as all of you embody a special gift that’s illuminating and inviting. I shall see you all March 2020 to celebrate!!!!!

Chef, escargot, ris de veau and cuisses de grenouille  – – PLEASE!!!!!!



19 Avenue Kléber, 75116 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 58 12 67 30