Lowering the Glass, Raising the Voice

(Gary Lachman, Tony DiResta, Terrance Mason and David McClymont – Palm Beach Symphony)



Live! From Your Living Room!

There are certain times when one has only to give of themselves to make a difference.  No matter the gesture when done in good faith and from the heart it impacts and changes lives.

When our dear friend Mr. David McClymont, CFO, of  The Palm Beach Symphony asked us to be a part of the online outreach initiative to engage and inspire the community, without hesitation we said, “YES.”  My Sommelier hat was lowered and I along with Tony’s impeccable playing, raised my voice in hopes that we’d make a difference with our gift of song and music.  This video (Live! From Your Living Room!) is our contribution to the cause.  We hope you enjoy it, but do not fear – – I’ll be back with a few postings of our recent culinary endeavor from Paris.

Stay Safe and Healthy!!!