Monsieur Paul Bocuse

I must apologize for the delayed post but, I’ve been busy enjoying life – – mostly food and wine.  As you can see from my cheeks in the picture below, this has been an ongoing affair.  So, let’s pick up where I left off.

My gastronomic journey through Paris, rightfully labeled “Michelin Madness” was quite amazing but, getting there started in Lyon.  I had two defining dining experiences in Lyon that forever changed the way I approached food and wine. The first was my encounter with the father of gastronomy, Monsieur Paul Bocuse. The second shall be revealed in the next posting.  Receiving 3 Michelin Stars is one thing but, maintaining them for more than 46 years sets the standard.

For those of us who live for the next amazing meal, we all know the important role Monsieur Bocuse has and continue to play in the ever changing world of fine dining but, for those of you who are searching for meaning and understanding as to how we got here, you should start with:  Monsieur Paul Bocuse


Paul Bocuse
Monsieur Paul Bocuse


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