Chef Javier Lopez – Courtesy of 71 Above

Courtesy of 71 Above

I had my sights on this spot early 2020 and now that I’ve had the chance to experience 71 Above, I can’t get enough.

Form the breathtaking views of LA, to the exciting and creative cuisine of Chef Javier Lopez, the experience is absolutely amazing. Not wanting to miss any part of this 1,000 feet high experience, Champagne in the SkyLounge kicked off the evening and then with a little Rosé in the bar, which flowed to the table and with the finale of a delicious Saint Joseph Blanc and an wonderful Gigondas at the Chef’s Table.

Having the opportunity to lose myself in the intoxicating vibe of high-end luxury, as well as haute cuisine, and fine wine on a regular basis, I never lose sight of the enormous pressures and lift placed on the ones responsible for ensuring a flawless and outstanding experience – – Mr. Gabriel Delgado, your professional demeanor, personal touch and grace is impeccable. Thank you for making this experience an exceptional one.

Mr. Gabriel Delgado, Manager – – Courtesy of 71 Above

Courtesy of 71 Above

As always, I’m intrigued by the passion that drives the ones setting fire to food and nothing displays that passion more than well executed cuisine, and the Chef’s desire to invite you into their space to divulge their drive. Chef Lopez thank you for sharing your drive, inviting us into your space, and for surprising and satisfying our palates. What a wonderful gift to have had a seat at your table and to leave with the anticipated return front and center.

For those of you yet to dine at 71 Above, I highly recommend your visiting this spot to indulge in all that it has to offer.

As always the energy you give is the energy you receive – – stay nice and even nicer to the ones serving you!!!

Enjoy the pics!!!!!

Ahhhhh……..your table awaits you!!!!

Courtesy of 71 Above
633 W 5th Street
71st Floor
Los Angeles, CA

Please visit 71Above at: https://www.71above.com/