Madame Judith Pisar – Légion d’Honneur

Our return to Washington, D.C. was part of this much anticipated celebration of our DEAR FRIEND, Ms. Judith Pisar, who received the Légion d’Honneur award at the French Ambassador’s residence this October, 2021.

This most joyous and life affirming ceremony given by Ambassador Philippe Étienne is a true testament to the very necessary work Ms. Pisar has dedicated her life to and the many lives she’s touched and continues to touch by being a beacon of hope and inspiration.

In all that we do and give, nothing is more precious and enduring as creating a legacy that inspires a new generation, to give of themselves in ways that are outside of themselves, in the service of others.

Our Dearest Judith, we are grateful and blessed to continually experience your unconditional LOVE, LIGHT AND HOPE for a better tomorrow – – We Thank You!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! See you in Paris very soon!!!!♥️

National Order
of the Legion of Honour

Chevalier légion d'honneur 2.png