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La Tour D’Argent – Day 1

Here’s day 1 of my sublime gastronomic week starting with a reservation at La Tour D’Argent. Arriving at La Tour D’Argent was as magical as the evening I was hoping to experience.  As we entered the well appointed waiting area one could not resist the need to request a slight pinch to make sure it

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Michelin Madness, Paris & Champagne – Paris, Day 1

Time spent in France this past spring validated my travel and dinning mantra – – Michelin, never plan a trip without it.  From Paris to Champagne and back to Paris, the focus was on gastronomy and all things opulent.   This experience held me in a perpetual euphoric state for weeks.   The bliss started with

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Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner / French 69

There’s Thanksgiving and then there’s pre-Thanksgiving.  This year I wanted to make sure the traditional was balanced with the not so traditional by dining at Plume before the big “Turkey Day”.  It’s no secret, this is my “go to” spot in DC when I’m in need of my Paris fix without crossing the pond and

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A Jean-Georges Weekend

I’m always in search of refinement and elegance which made hitting The Mark the right thing to do.  Located at  Madison & 77th Street, you’ll find one of the most relaxing and quiet boutique hotels in New York.  If  class and sophistication is your element, make this your home away from home.   With The Mark

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Lake Garda, c.’05

I’m near the water today in San Francisco and heading to Meadowood in Napa tomorrow.  The combination of the two reminded me of a life changing experience I had in Lake Garda.  My stay at Villa Fiordaliso was excellent.  Spending time in the kitchen with Chef Ricardo Camanini and sous Chef Laurent Paccini allowed for

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Chef Nick Stefanelli – Bibiana e la mia casa

Discovering that special place where comfort in great food, wine and friends are never short in supply, can be a challenge and sometimes impossible. If you haven’t found yours, meet me at mine – – Bibiana. I’ve never been one to just “hang out” but, I guess the frequency level of my being at Bibiana

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