Santa Margherita, Ligure


My last spring trip to my friend’s lovely little oasis in Santa Margherita, Hotel Miramare, was extremely relaxing and enriching as this has been the case with “previous visits.” Soaking up a little sun on the balcony before a hearty breakfast was a welcomed tradition, one that I’m currently longing for, but can’t fulfill.  Not knowing when I’ll be returning due to the current coronavirus pandemic has awakened a sense of loss, but also made me grateful for the life changing experiences and memories I’ve cultivated throughout my travels. For me, it has always been and continues to be about gratitude, allowing myself to be open to others’ journeys, and having the strength to be vulnerable enough to learn and grow.

As with all life’s offerings, moderation is key – – knowing my boundaries, while expanding them has always allowed for maximum enjoyment and satisfaction in all my endeavors.  I invite you to expanding your boundaries and cultivate memories that will serve you well when faced with situations that disrupt your normal.  As we adjust to the current challenges life is presenting, having cultivated a treasure chest of experiences gives me hope and passion for what lies ahead.  So, whatever you do remember this one extremely and most important take away – – eat, drink, make beautiful lasting memories and have fun doing it!!!!!


Breaking the fast…..









Time for more sun, a little fun on the water and a vino break before the evening festivities.














Grand Hotel Miramare

Via Milite Ignoto 30, 16038 Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy
T +39 0185.287013 | F +39 0185.284651