Michele Satta’s 2004 I Castagni – A Treat Worthy of a Repeat!!!

There I was Monday, 3/26 as I passed this bottle several times trying to find a reason to justify the purchase and consumption.  Out of context, this would be seen as compulsive and down right hedonistic, not to mention really expensive but, I realized this was work and my palate deserved it – – need I say more!!!!

Michele Satta:

Michele Satta I Castagni 2004
Michele Satta I Castagni 2004

If you have not had the pleasure of allowing this wine to grace your lips and envelop your palate, you are in for an experience that’s mythical. With ever changing depth, finesse and elegance, balanced by dark sweet fruit and tannins this wine is a study in greatness.  My only disappointment was the purchase of one bottle and not two.  Ahh….but a new day is dawning and I’ve another chance to experience this palate pleasing phenom.  If you are interested and I truly see no reason as to why you wouldn’t be, track this one down.  Trust me, you will not regret it.



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