Wynton Marsalis…..

Speechless is what I was on this rare evening when I met Mr. Wynton Marsalis several weeks ago.  During a private event where I was one of the fifty luckiest people in DC to attend, I had the sheer pleasure of hearing Mr. Marsalis up-close and personal as he played several pieces within arm’s reach.  The second most amazing event that evening was the opportunity to actually “talk” to Wynton and I say Wynton not out of disrespect, being the southerner I am, but out of the most incredible connection we made during our conversation – – one southerner to another, one musician to another and one brother to another!!!!  This was truly a life changer.  And Wynton, when you read this you’ll know what it means as this acronym was the first thing out of your mouth – – Y.C.A.M.

So to an unforgettable evening, which allowed for a once in a lifetime experience, I shall forever raise a glass to that which was an incredible blessing and life lesson.

Play on Wynton, Play on!!!!  Thanks for hanging out after dinner and for the down to earth, on the front porch conversation.




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