Silversea, Château D’Esclans & The Mediterranean

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I just made my way back from cruising the Mediterranean where wining and dining was priority #1.  Before I left I had to prepare myself for spring in the Mediterranean and the amazing rosé I keep reminiscing over during my last voyage – – Château D’Esclans rosé .


Silversea & Ch D'Esclan Rosé
Silversea & Ch D’Esclan Rosé

For those of you who have cruised the Mediterranean and done it on Silversea, my preferred mode of touring the Mediterranean, you know Silversea’s standards and its world class atmosphere which is why I continue to cruise this line every chance I get.  I remember discovering this elegant and charming rosé while at sea and felt as if someone had gone out of their way to make a rosé specifically for me. Well, to my surprise this rosé was the ideal pairing for the Mediterranean diet I’ve come to cherish and which keeps me intact – – mentally and physically.  Now finding Château d’Esclans rosé may be a challenge but once you find it, buy it.  Hmmm….the wait.  If you’re like me and waiting is an issue, you can quench your thirst with their Whispering Angel rosé.  That’s exactly what I did before I left and am doing now that I’m back .  Yes, I’m still waiting to get my hands on a bottle of the Château d’Esclans rosé.


Whispering Angel
Whispering Angel

Well, with rosé season upon us not only did I indulge with the Whispering Angel before setting sail, I also pulled a few additional bottles to delight in the wait and here are two among many that you should seek out as well.  The 2009 Rosé de Chevalier  and the 2010 Ch de Pibarnon.  These two are great expression of rosé from opposite ends of the spectrum.

2009 Rosé de Chevalier & 2010 Ch de Pibarnon
2009 Rosé de Chevalier & 2010 Ch de Pibarnon

Now that I’m back and the wait continues, it is time to uncork a few more bottles of rosé to make sure they keep getting it right.

In the meantime, happy hunting and enjoy as much rosé as your thirst for life will allow.

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